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Virtual Private Infrastructure

Victory’s state of the art Virtual Private Infrastructure is an isolated cloud environment dedicated for your business’s network infrastructure. We move your current Capex infrastructure model to an Opex expenditure to scale as your company expands and consolidates with business conditions. Our team meets with key personnel to evaluate current hardware in terms of capacity and end of life, licensing and costs to maintain in house to determine strategies for migrating to your new private cloud environment.

A La Carte Private Cloud Products

  • Servers
  • Sequel Servers
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange
  • CRM Hosting
  • Website Hosting Software Hosting
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Domain Controller
  • Active Directory
  • Collaboration


The resources assigned to your business allow for a completely private local area network to be created and tied back to your physical location.  Together with our Layer 2 Circuits (no public IP) you have the option of isolating your cloud completely by never traversing the open Internet.

Cost Savings

Your company no longer has to maintain expensive hardware nor having to drain capital to replace end of life or corrupt servers.  You can easily move your existing servers into your private cloud and scale the resources used by that server at any time.  Adding additional servers is easy and affordable without the need to order, provision and deploy physical hardware.


Our support team is dedicated to our end users experience. Through a simple phone call or email to our support team we can resolve simple and complex issues with ease without our end users waiting for someone to go onsite to resume crucial job functions.

Stability & Multisite Locations

With multiple clusters in multiple cities your private cloud can span the country for the best in geo redundant service delivery.  Building a disaster recovery plan is simplified with the ability to choose your server provisioning location and keep your private network intact.

Worldwide Service

Branch offices and home workers are transparently integrated into your Victory O-N-C’s service via the Internet, so your customers can reach your employees wherever they are anywhere in the world by simply dialing your main office, or their direct number. When employees travel, their business extension can follow them to their home, hotel or cell phone. Since your PBX is virtualized in the cloud, each extension can be managed from a simple and intuitive graphical user interface via a web browser connected to the Internet.



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